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Overcome painful relationship patterns, 

Get empowered. 


Maybe you’ve been called sensitive, emotional or needy during an argument with a loved one. You may have a tendency to be accommodating and sometimes your empathy makes it difficult to find your boundaries. You’re feeling stuck in your life or you may be going through a tough break-up that keeps feeling fresh. 




Let’s shatter painful patterns together. 

Remember the last time you felt capable, empowered, secure in your own skin and free to pursue your goals? Let’s bring that back. Give yourself the gift of presence and understanding. When you turn towards your pain with kindness and curiosity with the help of a skilled therapist, it transforms. 


Psychotherapy: what do I help with?

Adult children of parents with Personality disorders or mental illness

I love working with those with difficult or traumatic childhoods or partially difficult childhoods and helping them thrive. These experiences can create patterns of not feeling seen, not feeling recognized, low self-esteem, chronic low depression and anxiety, difficulty navigating conflict and fear of repeating the parent’s behavior, amongst others. These patterns can also transform with psychotherapy. 

Break-ups and Heartbreak, recent or unresolved. 

Breaking up with a partner, a friend or a family member can unleash big feelings of anxiety, fear, abandonment and loss, and can also bring with it great positive transformations when processed with self kindness and purpose. 

Difficult relationships between mothers and daughters

Big social pressures like patriarchy, systemic racism and classism can pressure relationships between mothers and daughters, or fathers and sons, into a constant source of pain and confusion. These relationships can be healed with mindful conversations and awareness, and sometimes they can only be managed. Help from a skilled professional is a must. 

Empathic and Highly Sensitive People, difficulties with boundaries

Sometimes it can be difficult to set boundaries and navigate relationships when you feel everybody’s feelings deeply or when your needs and sensitivities are regarded as excessive by the people who surround you; sometimes it can be hard to recognize the gifts that come with it as well. Come home to yourself and take charge of your life


About Me

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What is it like to work with me? 

I’m warm and empathic, and also direct and goofy; like a grandma that brings you homemade soup when you’re sick and tells you a dirty joke while you’re having it. I listen to you and your body language closely, looking for places in which mind and body agree or disagree (spoiler alert: I tend to side with the body). I am your staunchest ally and I’ve got your back. I let you know, often and copiously, that, NO, nothing is wrong with you, and NO, you’re not ‘crazy’ or imagining things. My underlying purpose in our sessions is to empower you. That means sometimes I’ll call you out when you are out of integrity, like when you really want to get over your ex but you keep checking their social media daily. After we’ve worked together for a while, you kind of pick up what I’m thinking just by my expression; definitely not a straight-faced therapist. Also, I have a Spanish accent because I am from Barcelona, Spain. 

Social justice is about mental health too

I actively cultivate my awareness of my privileged and oppressed identities. I do so by seeking the work of diverse voices with different identities than mine and listening to what they have to say about how we impact each other. I strive to behave in the ways that will allow me to call myself a feminist, body positive, sex positive, people of color ally, LGBTQ ally, people living with disabilities ally and immigrant advocate. I endeavor to not act in ways that inadvertently oppress the people around me, and to listen to their feedback when I do. 


  • Licensed California Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT #106526
  • Masters in Integral Counseling from the California Institute of Integral Studies, in San Francisco.
  • 11 years of Gestalt training from different programs: Institute Gestalt in Barcelona, Spain; Esalen Institute in Big Sur; Church Integral Counseling Clinic in San Francisco; and Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto.
  • EMDR trained by the Laurel Parnell Institute, EMDRIA approved.
  • Trained in Strategic Family Therapy at the Mental Research Institute.
  • A few of the other modalities I have been trained in that inform my work: Family Constellations, Hypnosis, NLP.


Coaching isn’t psychotherapy, it’s focused and short-term. My work as a coach is the result of a variety of trainings in different healing modalities that I find helpful and meaningful, and not informed by my graduate studies as a psychotherapist. If you feel like you need more intensive, longer-term support, then please consider my therapy services.

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Coaching to find great love

We take 8 to 10 coaching sessions to process and remove the blocks that have been preventing you from finding love or sustaining a healthy, long term fulfilling relationship. While I can’t guarantee when or if you’ll find your person (because I have no such psychic abilities), I can assure you that you’ll feel more empowered and confident by the end of our work together


Family Constellations

We take 3 coaching sessions to address a specific issue through Family Constellations. This works best if you are, or have been, previously in psychotherapy and you have a good awareness of yourself. 

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Single issue sessions in the gestalt awareness practice tradition

We sit together for an hour and a half and go deep into an issue, using awareness, presence, breath and the somatic sensations in your body to show you the way to go. 


Heartbreak groups

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Finding support while going through a heartbreak is essential for recovery. Connecting with people going through similar feelings and learning some tools along the way can really change your experience of it and help with your healing process.

Gestalt groups

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In these groups we gather together, check in, and explore issues that are coming up, dreams, and internal or interpersonal conflicts with awareness and presence. This exploration happens through dialogue with the facilitator, the group or parts of oneself. Participating can result in greater self-awareness, feeling connected with others and yourself, and decreased feelings of loneliness and shame.



Laia Pedreño Mateu - LMFT 106526

T. 831 747 7240



$160 for a 50 minute session

$280 for a 90 minute session

I do not take insurance. 


4000 Broadway, suite #3

Oakland, CA - 94611